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Fruits & vegetables are highly perishable edibles. They require proper ethylene management from the time of harvesting till it is served on a table. Ethylene management allows the fresh produce to maintain freshness, quality and maximize shelf life.

Fresh Potli is a perfect solution for the process and usage of ethylene management. It can dramatically reduce harmful levels of ethylene gas as it absorbs the impregnated and potassium permanganate. The large surface area of the beads allows for maximum absorption capability.

Minute quantities of ethylene gas can cause irreversible damage even within a short period of time. The Fresh Potli oxidizes ethylene which changes the harmful CO2 into the water. When it is fresh, the Ethylene Gas Absorber beads are of bright purple color. When the ethylene is oxidized, the core of the beads starts turning brown from the surface and eventually spreads to the core of it.

Ethylene gas

Ethylene gas is a naturally occurring gas. The small quantities of this gas spread everywhere and have a high risk of increasing the ripening rate for plants. It is essential to understand that we are dealing with small quantities of gas. This gas is measured in parts per billion(ppb) and parts per million(ppm).

The destroying properties of ethylene gas have the issues in handling and storage of plants, fruits, vegetables, and flowers of the industries. Ethylene gas causes fruits and vegetables to ripen and damage soon. Fresh potli has long been recognized as a significant factor in the storing freshly produced products. The amount of ethylene ranges varies from a few ppb to ppm can reduce plant vigor, decreasing the life of a various plant, stock quality. The sensitivity of plants, vegetables, and fruits to ethylene varies are given below:


  • 1 parts per million are commonly considered the threshold level for ethylene action on plants.
  • Bananas remain “green” when ethylene concentrations are below 0.1-0.2 parts per million.
  • Exposures of 0.01-0.08 parts per million of ethylene can trigger carnation blooms.

Along, with the ethylene gas, plants also have harmful pollutants which destroy the food items. The other plant tissues also produce this gas which leads to rotten vegetables and fruits. Even if we cut the growing plants, the fruits, vegetables, and flowers will still be alive and respirate. Thus, this destructive gas will be continued to spread and destroy our eatables.


The Solution – The Fresh Potli

The Ethylene with potassium permanganate can work as a two-step process. Assuming this is the case, the oxidation of ethylene would proceed to the formation of carbon dioxide, which is harmless to the ripening of fresh produce. Through this various gas testing, it has determined that fresh potli have an ethylene removal capacity of 1.5-2.0 % by weight (0.012-0.016 g/cc).

 The Fresh Potli – APPLICATIONS

The science behind the fresh potli has always been used in bulk industrial applications like controlled atmosphere storage, ripening rooms etc, however, this technology is now available with Fresh Potli for domestic usage in refrigerators, fruits bowls etc.

Controlling ethylene gas will maintain the quality and extend the life of horticultural products, allowing them to be stored for a much time than usual.

” Simply keep this potli in the refrigerator near your fruits and vegetables or near any other sort of groceries and let it work on its own as a magic to protect them from damaging”.


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