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Online Organic Grocery Store

Organic products cannot take place of any other packed foods, homemade organic food and groceries are the nutritious ones to have. But the dilemma of both confuses us a lot? Undoubtedly we all know the tetra packs we purchase often are harmful to our health but still, we keep on having them when we have no options left in our hands and we take what is available to us. At the same time, we wonder and desire to have fresh food edibles and somehow are not able to figure out how to get them or what will be the best? So, don’t be so much worried about finding your admirable store.

Here I introduce you to the e-commerce website UTTRAKART which offers homemade groceries including foods, beverages, pickles, organic spices, pulses and much more. Along with providing, it will deliver your products to your doorstep. It has many varieties of the homemade pickles like Jackfruit, Green Chili, Mango, Garlic, Mix pickles. Also, it has famous Apricot chutney, fresh juices, and squashes, two of them are Buransh and Pudina squashes, the variety of pulses including kidney beans have all sorts of proteins and vitamins needed. The spices are naturally transformed and made into a pure mixture.  All the products and the ingredients in them are natural having many health benefits.

It has its exclusive selling fresh potli– which helps you keep your grocery items lasts for longer than a usual time and increases the shelf life of the eatables.



fresh potli, Fruits & vegetables require proper ethylene

fresh potli

About Fresh Potli

Fruits & vegetables are highly perishable edibles. They require proper ethylene management from the time of harvesting till it is served on a table. Ethylene management allows the fresh produce to maintain freshness, quality and maximize shelf life.

Fresh Potli is a perfect solution for the process and usage of ethylene management. It can dramatically reduce harmful levels of ethylene gas as it absorbs the impregnated and potassium permanganate. The large surface area of the beads allows for maximum absorption capability.

Minute quantities of ethylene gas can cause irreversible damage even within a short period of time. The Fresh Potli oxidizes ethylene which changes the harmful CO2 into the water. When it is fresh, the Ethylene Gas Absorber beads are of bright purple color. When the ethylene is oxidized, the core of the beads starts turning brown from the surface and eventually spreads to the core of it.

Ethylene gas

Ethylene gas is a naturally occurring gas. The small quantities of this gas spread everywhere and have a high risk of increasing the ripening rate for plants. It is essential to understand that we are dealing with small quantities of gas. This gas is measured in parts per billion(ppb) and parts per million(ppm).

The destroying properties of ethylene gas have the issues in handling and storage of plants, fruits, vegetables, and flowers of the industries. Ethylene gas causes fruits and vegetables to ripen and damage soon. Fresh potli has long been recognized as a significant factor in the storing freshly produced products. The amount of ethylene ranges varies from a few ppb to ppm can reduce plant vigor, decreasing the life of a various plant, stock quality. The sensitivity of plants, vegetables, and fruits to ethylene varies are given below:


  • 1 parts per million are commonly considered the threshold level for ethylene action on plants.
  • Bananas remain “green” when ethylene concentrations are below 0.1-0.2 parts per million.
  • Exposures of 0.01-0.08 parts per million of ethylene can trigger carnation blooms.

Along, with the ethylene gas, plants also have harmful pollutants which destroy the food items. The other plant tissues also produce this gas which leads to rotten vegetables and fruits. Even if we cut the growing plants, the fruits, vegetables, and flowers will still be alive and respirate. Thus, this destructive gas will be continued to spread and destroy our eatables.


The Solution – The Fresh Potli

The Ethylene with potassium permanganate can work as a two-step process. Assuming this is the case, the oxidation of ethylene would proceed to the formation of carbon dioxide, which is harmless to the ripening of fresh produce. Through this various gas testing, it has determined that fresh potli have an ethylene removal capacity of 1.5-2.0 % by weight (0.012-0.016 g/cc).

 The Fresh Potli – APPLICATIONS

The science behind the fresh potli has always been used in bulk industrial applications like controlled atmosphere storage, ripening rooms etc, however, this technology is now available with Fresh Potli for domestic usage in refrigerators, fruits bowls etc.

Controlling ethylene gas will maintain the quality and extend the life of horticultural products, allowing them to be stored for a much time than usual.

” Simply keep this potli in the refrigerator near your fruits and vegetables or near any other sort of groceries and let it work on its own as a magic to protect them from damaging”.

about uttrakart

know us

Uttrakart organic food

Get to Know Us

Uttarakhand’s name is oriented from the Sanskrit words Uttara (उत्तर) signifying ‘north’, and khaṇḍa (खण्ड) signifying ‘land’, by and large essentially signifying ‘Northern Land’. The place that is famous for Gods Surrounded by gigantic Mystic Mountains, rich green Valleys, cadenced waterways, Divine Shrines, the home to multitudinous Flora and Fauna, organic spices with mouthwatering food is a Gift of God to Humans. It is a place where one can find the diverse and good amount of soil where you can grow organic herbs and spices.  Also, the spices and soil food(buransh,gheeti, ragi) which are grown in the fields of Uttrakhand are directly exported to the other cities of India.

According to Planning Commission, it is shown that about 40 percent of the populace in the state is living beneath the poverty line. Also according to the survey,35 Lakhs of people has already migrated to the different cities.  Probably to remove such low employment rate, Uttrakart, one of the leading online website has come up with its services. This store provides all the homemade grocery products be it pickles, jams, juices, spices or squash while the spices which had been used to make the edibles are all organic. It’s just the starting of the grocery items. Uttrakart won’t limit itself to a grocery only.It will raise into some other products such as beauty items, handicrafts.Hence it will grow with the span of time.

Furthermore, In the era of cut-throat competition, Uttrakart has come up with its adulteration free products.The products are hygienically prepared with finest machines as well as give brains to provide you excellent products. Good quality and health is the main motive of Uttrakart. One of the basic advantages of Uttrakart gives the service of free delivery. The owner of the store is National Award Winner in 2010. All the products of Uttrakart are FSSAI approved and ISO certified.

It has come up with its own homemade products:

Squash & Juices

Homemade Energizing Beverages


Uttrakhand is known for its variety of organic fruits, vegetables, flora, and fauna. It is also known for its organic spices. The fruits are then exported directly to the cities which are then utilized in making homemade juices & squashes. These two items are completely different from each other. Let us understand the difference first.

Juice” originates from Old French in around 1300; it created from the Old French words “jus, juice, jouis”, which signify “fluid acquired by bubbling herbs.In 1869, a dental practitioner by the name Thomas B. Welch. He built up a purification strategy that took into account the capacity of juice, without the juice maturing into liquor. His strategy included separating pressed grape juice into bottles, fixing them with stopper and wax,  afterward setting them in bubbling water.The word juice is for the most used as a part of setting to the fluid contained in organic products. Individuals want to have the juice of crisp foods grown from the ground early in the day alongside their breakfast. Right now, juices in the market are for the most part separated and that is the reason they don’t contain any fiber or pulp.It is pressed from products of the soil by utilizing strategies like smashing, and so forth. Nonetheless, it is likewise utilized as an ingredient in the planning of different drinks and food. Also, It is regularly prescribed to drink the direct measure of organic product squeeze as they have a tendency to have calories which can influence weight.



On the other hand Squash, in British English, is a non-alcoholic packed syrup utilized as a part of refreshment making. It is typically natural product seasoned, produced using organic product squeeze, water, and sugar or a sugar substitute. Nowadays squashes may likewise contain nourishment shading and extra seasoning. Some customary squashes contain home-grown concentrates, most outstandingly elderflower and ginger. Many squashes contain under 20% juice, and some as little as 5-10%.These Squashes are casually known as “juice”, particularly when conversing with youthful youngsters since they won’t comprehend the expression “squash”.Squashes are generally called by the natural product from which they are made.

                                                                   ABOUT US

Uttrakart has come up with two homemade and effective health beverages like Buransh juice & Pudina(Mint) squash. Directly coming up from the hills of Uttrakhand, Buransh, (Rhododendron arboreum) the tree rhododendron, otherwise called burans or gurans. It is an evergreen bush or little tree with a flashy show of splendid red flowers. Its name signifies “having a tendency to be woody or developing in a tree-like frame. The tree found in 1993 at Mount Japfu in Kohima area of Nagaland, India, holds the Guinness Record for the tallest Rhododendron at 108 ft estimated at the season of disclosure which is as yet developing. Therefore, if we talk about Pudina or Mint leaf are a similar thing yet the name has been utilized as a part of joined on the grounds that mint in Bangla is Pudina. The logical name of Pudina or Mint is Mentha. Mint is a sweet-smelling enduring herb, popularly known as ‘Pudina’ in India and logically known as Mentha. Mint is a stimulating herb which can add flavor to many dishes. It is utilized as a part of cooking as seasoning specialist. Mint has a place with “Labiates” family.

It is the only grocery store which gives you the taste of its spices and homemade product directly from the land of Uttrakhand.

Organic pulses

Organic nourishment is regular sustenance

‘’Organic nourishment is regular sustenance’’


What is Organic food?

Let us first try to understand what does this term stands for. Organic sustenance is the result of a cultivating framework which avoids the utilization of man-made fertilizers, pesticides; development regulators and livestock feed additives. It has organically developed harvests tend to utilize common fertilizers like manure to enhance plant development. Creatures raised organically are additionally not given antibiotics or hormones. Organic cultivating has a tendency to improve soil quality and the preservation of groundwater, additionally diminishes pollution and might be better for the earth. The most normally bought organic nourishment are organic products, vegetables, grains, dairy items, and meat. These days there are likewise many handled organic items available such as pulses i.e Rajma(kidney) beans.

Organic Pulses

Organic Pulses are otherwise called vegetables or lentils. Pulses are seeds from the vegetable plant family and lentils are a pulse. Vegetables (beans) are among the most established developed plants. Indeed, fossil records exhibit that ancient individuals tamed and developed vegetables for nourishment. This is to a great degree, vast classification of vegetables contains more than 13,000 species and is second just to grains in providing calories and protein to the total populace. There are different sorts of pulses which contrast in shading, shape, size, and taste. Pulses are critical nourishment edits because of their high protein and fundamental amino corrosive substance. Pulses are usually known as Dal in India. The world’s biggest maker and shopper for beats are in India.

Some health benefits of Organic Pulses

Pulses have various measures of advantages joined to it. To make your eating regimen a solid one, incorporate a considerable measure of pulses into it. They are high in fiber and consequently help in simple digestion. Rajma keeps the bowel work ordinary. It helps in bringing down blood cholesterol and keeps up the required level of insulin and glucose in the body. These pulses when natural are more nutritious as no destructive chemicals or pesticides are utilized while developing them. This influences them to fit to consume and more advantageous when contrasted with ordinarily developed pulses. They are purest in shape on the off chance that they are confirmed organic. Organic Tattva has an extensive variety of certified organic pulses to offer, some of them being arhar dal, chana dal, urad dal, and rajma beans.


Rajma(Kidney) Beans

Uttrakart, one stop for your organic items has introduced Rajma (Kidney) beans from the lands of Uttrakhand. Rajma Red which has been developed in foothills of Himalayas. High in protein substance and delightful and nutritious. Rajma Red is machine cleaned and handpicked, before pressing to guarantee its virtue and cleanliness, which is more beneficial, more delicious and have high healthful esteem. Rajma is additionally simple to process and cook. Rajma Red is accessible to us. A portion of the best Rajma is said to be developed in the Nepal slopes, north Indian province of Himachal Pradesh. Rajma is set up with onion, garlic and many flavors in India.


“Green veggies on your plate will influence you to rest easy and keep a thin weight.”

Home made pickles

Introducing homemade mouthwatering pickles and chutney.

Keep Calm & eat HomeMade products

Uttrakart has thought of its natively constructed item wherein they have arranged jams, pickles and chutney. These items accompany a huge number of medical advantages. Its fixings have been straightforwardly grabbed from the fields of Uttrakhand and have dropped it at your entryway step. The items gave this store is all natural and homemade.

What is Home Made?

The term ‘homemade’ is the method of preparing items on its own. It has it’s another term known as’ Do It Yourself’. The expression “do-it-without anyone else’s help or ‘Do It Yourself’ has been related to purchasers since no less than 1912 principally in the area of home change and upkeep activities. The state “do it without anyone’s help” had come into regular use (in standard English) by the 1950s. In this manner, the term DIY has gone up against a more extensive implying that covers the wide variety of ranges of skill sets.

Benefits of Homemade food

  • Spares Money
  • Spares Time
  • More advantageous Ingredients
  • Keep away from nourishment Allergies and sensitivities


From choosing the correct raw materials to carefully setting up the ingredients, from assembling the pickles to including spices and after that sitting tight for the pickle to be at long last prepared – an enduring memory of youth vacations is that of helping our grandmas make āchār. Those enormous artistic jugs filled to the overflow with crisp pickles sitting under the sun on terrace evoke recollections of cheerful holidays. No supper is finished without a spoonful of the sweet, sour, spicy, divine and mouth-watering Indian pickle.


Pickles and chutney making are the two techniques that utilization vinegar to protect nourishment.


Pickles and chutney are the traditional speciality product of India and has picked up a vital position in the Indian food. These are eaten alongside the main course and give enticing tastes. Pickles are utilized as taste enrichers with the fundamental course and also with snacks while chutney grants tastefulness to sustenance. Pickles are set up from Fruits and Vegetables and they supplement the sustenance with vitamins and minerals. There are many sorts of pickles and vegetables arranged in India. Chutneys are set up from cooking organic products or vegetables in syrup with flavours, salt and vinegar and are constantly in semi-fluid shape. Chutneys have the very little time span of usability as they by and large contain over 25% to 30% fluids including water. Pickles made with a higher amount of eatable oils and additives have the shelf life of over 1 year, however, certain

pickles have significantly less time span of usability also. There are numerous varieties of these items and a significant number of them are produced using nearby delivers.


Chutney” is gotten from the Hindi word चटनी chaṭnī, which means to lick. India, chutneys can be either make close by pickles that are developed in the sun for up to two weeks and kept up to a year or, all the more generally, are naturally produced using new ingredients that can be kept a few days or seven days in the refrigerator. Typically, the first Indian chatni is produced using a blend of uncooked organic product, (for example, mangoes, apples, bananas, apricots and so on), green chillies, green herbs and flavours, an acid-base, for example, vinegar or tamarind juice and sometimes sugar ground together to make a paste. Indian chatnis are new and planned to be consumed soon after they are made.


Happiness is HomeMade food’

uttarakhand, Diversity Hindi literature, dance, temples, food

About Uttrakhand


Uttarakhand is a Diversity of Hindi Literature, Dance  Temples with delicious Food.

First of all, Uttarakhand is a place in mountains of North India and one of the popular states of the country. It is famous for its worship destinations, natures beauty, foods, dances, music, Hindi literature, and festivals. It is must visit beauty sites where you can explore the beauty of greenery and mountains as well. The activities you can do in Uttarakhand are mentioned in the later part of this article.

Famous for its homemade food items:

It mostly has homemade foods either it is pickles, jams, juices, and squashes especially in green chili, garlic pickle, mango pickle, jackfruit pickle and mixed pickle, most of all, you will get the most appreciated apricot chutney. While if we talk about the juices its the only one to have the famous Buransh juices, and fruit squashes.Now we will tell you about the organic jams. It offers mix fruit jams with its healthy ingredients.


Uttarakhand is a diversified state. Various local languages are spoken here. They
include Bhoti, Jaunsari, Garhwali, Kumaoni, and Hindi. Many prominent literary figures like
Jnanpith awardee Sumitranandan Pant, Sahitya Akademi awardee Manglesh Dabral, B.M.
Shah, Sangeet Akademi Awardee Mohan Upreti, Shivani, Shailesh Matiyani, Shekhar
Joshi, Prasoon Joshi, Manohar Shyam Joshi and Ganga Prasad Vimal have contributed
their work in the field of Hindi literature.

Dance and Music

In the field of dance, Uttarakhand is well-known for its classical dance. Langvir
Nritya, Barada Nati, Chholiya, Chauphula, Jhumaila, Jhora-Chachri and Hurka Baul to
name a few. Consequently, as the music is concerned, the state has popular folk songs including
Chhopati, Khuded, Basanti, and Mangal. The songs are played on instruments
including Mashakbaja, Mandan, Bhankora, Thali, Daur, Dholki, Ransingha, Turri, Damau,
and Dhol.


Wood carving is one of the prominent local crafts that appears much as frequently decorated
on the walls of famous temples. The state has famous designs of deities, floral patterns and
geometrical motifs are used to decorate the walls, ceilings, windows, and doors of a


As far as the food is concerned, vegetables grown on the Himalayas are primary foods of
Uttarakhand. The people here are non-vegetarian. Probably, Tomatoes, milk-based products,
mustard oil, desi ghee, and kadhi are the main food items.  Bal mithai is also its popular
fudge-like sweet.

Hindu Events

Furthermore, Kumbh Mela is one of the major and popular Hindu pilgrimages. it is organized in
Uttarakhand. Haridwar is yet another of the four places where this Hindu event is organized because
there is a myth among Hindu pilgrimages, the holy dip in a river Ganga flowing in Haridwar
is relevant to washes all your sins. There are many festivals on
which the same activity takes place. These include Phool Devi, Vat Savitri, Khatarua, Ghee
Sankranti, Makar Sankranti, Vasant Panchmi and Ganga Dashahara. In addition to the
culture of Uttarakhand, many fairs like Kandali festival, Kanwar Yatra, Harela mela and
Ramman takes place in the state.

Therefore, if you haven’t been in Uttarakhand till now, you must visit the state for visiting
temples, Hindi literature, dance, music, and food at one place. If you take my experience, I visited hilly states again and again and every time I come back with a strange sense of serenity and calmness. Recently I went to Haridwar on way to Chandrashila Peak. A trip to the Har-Ki-Pauri  (the stairway to God) is a must while in Haridwar. I went there in the evening at the time of the ‘arti’. There was understandably alot of crowd. Not fully satisfied, I took a cycle rickshaw and went there again next morning. In conclusion, You should definitely give it a try to go there once and explore the state and have a look at the famous temples.